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Gwendolyn Hoff Traces the Life of One of Florida’s First Black Doctors

Historical Fiction about the 
life of Alpha Omega Campbell


RICHTON PARK, Ill. – (Release Date March 20, 2011) – Alpha Omega Campbell was one of Florida’s first black doctors. In 1994, author Gwendolyn Hoff met the granddaughter of Dr. Campbell and so began a project that retraces the man’s remarkable life journey. In her book, Hoff invites readers to discover and celebrate a different side of THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BLACK SOUTHERN DOCTOR.

  In 1947 Dr. Campbell established the Laura Bell Memorial Hospital, a 20-bed hospital that would become one of the region’s first privately-owned and operated medical facilities that served African-Americans.

​Unfortunately, his noble venture was cut short when Dr. Campbell was convicted of manslaughter after the death of a patient. This debacle man does not dim Hoff’s attempt to pay tribute to the life of a great man.

Hoff describes this account as historical fiction. It drives real and historical events towards a creative direction. Spanning a period of about 60 years, this account combines a recollection of events that have their root and reason in the past and the author’s notable attempt to link those events to the present day. Hoff draws inspiration from informational visits that she took in Tallahassee, Florida, and Washington DC as well as many historical records. In the closing chapter, the author conveniently provides a guide for deciphering the factual and fictional elements in the book.

​ Sometimes poignant, sometimes amusing and always compelling, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BLACK SOUTHERN DOCTOR is an invitation to journey back into the past and gather invaluable insights from the trip. 

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​​Historical Fiction

​from Gwen

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Gwendolyn Hoff was born in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. She grew up in a small family of four  and lived with them until going off to college. At Oconomowoc High School

I fell in love with the written word and, after graduating, [SIC] immediately began my writing career; science fiction being the unlikely genre of choice. Courses of studies include English and Meteorology at UW-Milwaukee are mere window dressing to the greater passion of fashioning phrases; original ways to arrange the English language.

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