"The Space Family McKinney"

Space Colony 1 is a stepping-stone, Earth’s best chance to leave the Solar System – There is a family of space explorers named McKinney. Join them as they colonize the planet Mars…..and are hijacked to the stars.

Science Fiction from Gwendolyn Hoff

Earth attempts to colonize Mars, but the McKinneys get an unexpected trip to Orion’s Belt instead.

THE RETURN TRIP is a book that I wrote in the mid-1980s. In the face of current events concerning the privatization of space exploration and specifically recruiting a married couple to start a colony on Mars, I decided to reach back to my unpublished 1st draft and update my original work. The Challenger shuttle disaster took away my steam at the time, having already included some Space Shuttle trouble in the book.

I bump my 1986 use of the 2008 Presidential election to 2032, include some real history, some insightful retrospective predictions and have finished the 95,000 word rewrite of THE RETURN TRIP.

Astronauts Sampson & Celeste McKinney are first to populate Space Colony 1, a collaborative orbiting space station, towed to Mars by a drone. The eventual goal, once the Colony is up and running is to bring in small waves of other colonists and then establish a colony on the now well-known surface of Mars.

But while the McKinneys are down exploring the surface with their lander Tycho, a non-participating foreign power destroys the orbiting Colony, thereby stranding them. They lose their ability to communicate with Earth.

In survival mode and awaiting an anticipated rescue mission (the shuttle Mayflower), the couple stumbles upon an alien vessel, buried in centuries of space dust. To their surprise and convenience, its life support is still functioning. This is good, especially because Celeste McKinney has conceived a child during their 100 million mile trip to Mars.

Just as they settle in and wait for help, the ship is recalled by its alien builders and it takes off for home… 2x the speed-of-light.

Some 9 light-years later---they arrive at a binary star system located in Orion’s belt---The Mayflower discovers an empty Tycho---Earth starts its own speed-of-light (SOL) program and McKinney sons Deke & Gus are now pilots in it---but their science is flawed and The Space Family McKinney is reunited on the planet Eridanus, in the star system Epsilon Eridani.

THE RETURN TRIP is so titled because “the end” is only the beginning; as in the year 2051 the United States begins a new era, at the S-O-L, outside its Solar System, and out into The Milky Way.



Fiction with an eye to the future

And yet another Installment for the SPACE FAMILY McKINNEY

Follow the exploits of the SPACE FAMILY McKINNEY as Sampson & Celeste's presence on Eridanus becomes known to Earth. Sons Deke & Gus seek a family reunion @ the speed-of-light, but the entirety of the Universe must deal with the "force" named Lorgan, who has transformed the planet Mars into the new Garden of Eden.

The McKinneys travel back to Earth, only to be hounded by an Egyptian curse​​ and unwelcome because of their Eridanian loved ones.

The Next Installment for the SPACE FAMILY McKINNEY

The First Installment of the SPACE FAMILY McKINNEY

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